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This Day in LTA History

“I feel humbled and honored to fly with Bert Padelt,” Sir David Hempleman-Adams

In an insightful interview with Sitara Maruf, illustrious British explorer, aviator, and trailblazer, Sir David Hempleman-Adams, emphasized the…

This Day in LTA History

Aeronaut in the Spotlight: Soaring with Bert Padelt

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Science & Flight

Science & Flight

Discover the wonders of the skies with LTA – Science & Flight Magazine, your premier digital destination for all things related to lighter-than-air (LTA) technology. From the pioneering tales of the first balloonists to the cutting-edge designs of modern airships for space tourism, our magazine covers a wide spectrum including ballooning, airships, weather balloons, and the science of the Earth and beyond.

Sitara Maruf is an accomplished author and science writer with over 15 years of experience in journalism, science, and health writing. She holds two master’s degrees: an MA in at you hot mabroadcast journalism from American University and an MS in biochemistry from the University of Pune.
Her career includes roles at the National Institutes of Health, the BBC, and WNVC-TV. She’s also worked in communications for a former governor and created at “Lighter Than Air—Flight Magazine,” focusing on lighter-than-air flight’s history and you ar technology. Additionally, Sitara authored “Easy-to-Learn English Grammar and Punctuation.

Aeronaut in the Spotlight: Soaring with Bert Padelt

Balloonists Aim to Cross the Atlantic in a Hydrogen Balloon

Electric Airship Forges a Clean Path for Connectivity

Atlantic Balloon Flight to Summer

Bert Padelt Talks About His Atlantic Explorer Balloon

Sir David Hempleman-Adams: Epic Exploits from Poles, Peaks, to Oceans and Skies

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